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Shanghai Secretary for business English courses are mainly provided by the famous American educational institutions Dai Naide. Dai Naide International English was founded in 1987 in the United States Silicon Valley, is the world's most advanced English teaching solutions, its main products by the grading test system, multimedia courses and teaching management system composed of three parts. Dai Naide English teaching solutions using multimedia tools, according to the students of different English based and learning goals, tailored to their learning path. Wearing ned teaching mode can meet the needs of each age level students, and in the learning process of intelligent control and feedback, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort in learning effects. After 25 years of practical application, DynEd English teaching to solve scheme in the world has won numerous awards, in China get wide acclaim. A large number of benefit from DynEd customers, such as: Wei Bo English, Peking University Guanghua School of management, China Foreign Economic and Trade University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shangri La hotels and other by DynEd teaching innovation way gain great success by Ministry of education and social comments respected. 

Ø  Has more than more than tens of millions of students from 70 countries and regions to benefit from DynEd English teaching solutions; 

Ø The nine systems support language, approved by China, Turkey, Malaysia, France and other countries, the Ministry of education; 

Ø The successful experience of the world more than 25 years and no copy of the science and technology background to Deneider in the world renowned; 

Ø Since the Chinese entered the market for 10 years, more than two hundred and fifty thousand China students of all ages; 

Ø advanced brain science cognition to skill practice oriented, pay attention to listening, speaking, reading and writing ability training, through a representative learning content to help students to establish a solid framework in the language. 

Ø The precise placement test to ensure a true level according to the learner's tailored learning path; 

ØThe application of the one and only class conditioning technology, intelligent courseware to ensure the effectiveness of practice; 

Ø strong teaching support, ensure the effective practice and personalized classroom teaching (Hun) mode, to achieve a multiplier effect;

Dai Naide (Dyned) curriculum system