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In-house training

A company is a world famous pharmaceutical company. The workers from production department have to communicate with foreign colleagues, but their English foundation is very weak and is difficult to receive clear improvement within a short term. Speak make research and come into an conclusion that the daily communication between the workers and foreign colleagues is mainly about data report in production. Therefore a 24-hour face-to-face course is customized afterwards. After the training, the production workers are able to communicate with foreign engineers fluently in simple conversations with the use of key words.

blended training

B company is a world famous cosmetics company. English is widely used In daily work, speaking, writing and reading. Therefore, Speak provides intelligent multimedia learning combined with classroom teaching, telephone coaching and reading guidance which is considered as blended training. The advantages of this training module are as follows: 1 e-mail and reading classes are a flexible and customized support to the learning content. 2 students’ speaking and writing can be comprehensively improved. It is more interesting and appealing with various training modes. Therefore the training outcome is remarkably well and Speak gains more opportunity to work with other business unit under this group.

video class

C company is a well-known automobile manufacturing company. It has sales team and personnel in most major provinces in China. Therefore it is difficult to organize classroom teaching. On the other hand, staff in sales and business department are generally lack of learning enthusiasm and it is also not an ideal way to choose self-learning online. Based on the company's special circumstances, Speak recommended one on one video class with foreign teacher. Speak course and teacher are highly recognized by students. Both of the personnel department and student supervisor are very satisfied with their attendance rate and training outcome.