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* Learning time is not fixed

* Don't love large classes

* Quickly improve your English in the short term.

* Like to teach 1 to 1 or 1 to 1 of the teaching form

* Study location is not fixed, can provide on-site instruction

* Teaching forms are flexible and different learning schemes for different clients.

* Do not want to run the training class, want to save a lot of time and energy


* Professional course consultant, personalized learning program      * Scientific test system, the volume of the curriculum;

* Authoritative team of experts, leading teaching methods;               * Free learning time, comfortable teaching environment.


* Learning service system is built around the student learning, each student will have the exclusive teaching assistant supervisor,

* By the TA supervisor responsible for students from the beginning to the end of the training course and school learning support service.

* System including: file management, attendance assessment, job situation records, learning counseling, student satisfaction survey, learning plan.