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from:Speak date:2016-05-25

Shawn: All right, let me start by saying thanks to all of you for your interest in this presentation. Does everyone have the printed handouts? Great. Let's start by taking a look at what we're going to cover today.

As you can see in this outline here, we'll start off by talking about how our market share has been falling over the past year, and the reasons why. After that, Hannah's going to tell you about the focus groups she conducted and what we can learn from them. She'll also share her ideas about who our target market really should be. We'll finish off with Chris talking about how his team has been able to change our product so that it has more appeal to our customers. Then he'll wrap things up with our team's recommendations.

Any questions so far? If you have questions later on during the presentation, please feel free to interrupt me at any time.